Lions District 202J will hold the 2022 Convention in Methven over the weekend of April 1 - 3, 2022
Registrations are now open.
Click the buttons below to download the Registration Form and Program. The Registration form is an editable PDF, save it to your computer, fill in the info, then email to  You can also print a copy, fill in and mail to PO Box 88, Methven 7745. Please be sure to direct credit payment as per details on the form.
Covid 19 Notice
the Convention will run as a fully vaccinated event. Everyone will have to present a valid Vaccine Pass for scanning upon arrival at the Convention location.
By registering you acknowledge you will be able to meet these requirements.
Convention update December 2021 by DG Christine Stewart
The convention committee has worked very hard to try and keep the registration costs as low as possible.  This convention we are offering an option for members to come only to the Saturday night dine & dance.   If you want to come to the full weekend, (or attend perhaps the business session only), you will fill in Section A on the registration form – with a registration fee of $35 for Lions, and $20 for non lion partners. If you would only like to come and join with us on the Saturday evening for the Dine & Dance, Please fill out Section B on the registration form – there will be no registration fee for this option, but the evening cost is $60 per person. If you do choose this option, you will only be allowed to attend the Saturday night function – no other weekend events.
Cake Theme
The theme for the cake decoration will be “Showtime”.  This could mean a circus show, theatre show, movies, Oscar night, Dance Show, Great Gatsby, the options are endless. The cakes will be auctioned on Saturday night with the proceeds going to Camp Quality South. There will be two trophies up for grabs. One for the best cake decoration (to be judged), and one for the cake that fetches the highest price at auction.
Dress Code
The dress code for Friday evening will be smart casual.
Saturday business session:  Dress code casual. Cabinet members polo shirts
Saturday evening
Dress up and have some fun on Saturday evening. Theme for dress up is “Showtime”, so the options are endless. Dress up your team as favourite TV stars, movie stars, Oscar night, Circus, Black & White, etc, etc. etc – Use your imagination. A guest judge will judge the best dressed team.
Bookings are being made at the Methven Resort, Phone (03) 302 8724.  A very reasonable room rate has been negotiated for the weekend. All hotel rooms have been held in the Lions name for Friday and Saturday nights. Reservations will have to be made via phone call.
Other accommodation options:
                   Abisco Lodge & Apartments - 74 Main Street. Ph: (03) 302 8875
                   The Blue Pub - 2 Barkers Road. Ph: (03) 302 8046
                   Methven Motel & Apartments - 187 Main Street. Ph: (03) 302 9200
                   Central Apartments - 7 Methven Chertsey Road. Ph: (03) 302 8829
                   Mt Hutt Motels - 205 Main Street:.Ph: (03) 8382
                   Methven Camping Ground and Caravan Park - 72 Barkers Road. Ph: (03) 302 8005  
Friday 1st April
Opening Ceremony & Flag Ceremony
Saturday 2nd April
(am) Registrations
District AGM
District Elections
District Awards
Partners Programme
(pm) Workshops x 2
- Evening - Dine & Dance to the “Drama Queens”
Sunday 3rd April
Remembrance & Re-dedication service
Venue: Methven Resort Hotel: 51 Main Street Methven
Friday Evening
Registrations open
Opening Ceremony and Flag Ceremony
A time to reunite and socialize with fellow Lions and old friends from throughout the District in the beautiful surroundings of the Resort downstairs lounge, before moving upstairs to the conference room at 6.30pm for the official opening ceremony,
entertaining speaker, flag ceremony and supper.
Saturday morning & afternoon
Registration continues
Voting registration
District Annual General Meeting
District Elections
District Awards
Decorated cake voting
The Saturday morning sees the business part of the weekend kick off at 8.30am in the conference room at the Methven Resort. We have an International guest who will be our keynote speaker for the morning. The morning session will see the District business transacted, elections conducted, awards and presentations made.
After lunch there will be two break out workshops for all those present. These will be very interesting and informative. The afternoon session will conclude at 3pm.
Partners Programme:
The partners will leave on their partners programme after morning tea.
Saturday Evening: “Showtime”
Once again there will be time for fellowship downstairs in the lounge at the Methven Resort between 5.30pm and 6.30pm before moving upstairs to the banquet room where we will dine and dance the night away to the music of “The Drama Queens”. Following the theme for the weekend, the dress code for “Saturday evening will be “Show Time”. This can mean many things - Stage show, Circus show, TV show and so on - use your imagination!!!!!!!.
There will be an auction undertaken this evening for the decorated cakes plus more.
Remembrance and Rededication service
Regression of Flags
This will again be held at the Methven Resort commencing at 10.00am It is a time to remember and reflect on our fellow Lions that have passed away.
The final event for the weekend will be the regression of flags before a BBQ lunch.
Contact Details
For any questions please contact:
Bill Irwin -
Richard Watson -
Make plans to come and join with us for a great weekend of
fun, fellowship and learning
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